From The Earth Face Mask


This blend of potent, yet gentle herbs and clays is exactly what is needed for those who suffer with oily skin. French Clay has been proven to reduce oils without over drying the skin. 

Moringa powder is essential for regulating sebum to balance oily skin. Burdock root and Alfalfa will reduce inflammation and allow skin to glow and thrive.

This mask works great for oily skin.

Fun fact about Humility masks? 

Since each jar is a potent undiluted blend of the ingredients without water, this mask is fully customizable. Lets be honest, each day we wake up, we're faced with a different face and skin situation (no pun intended). 

This mask powder gives you the ability to react to the face you're given each day. 

  • Add less water and some tea tree on breakout days
  • Add a little honey on the moisture deprived ones
  • Add more water and a little aloe on sensitive days

2 oz

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